We are making a cleaner environment
and a safer world

We create a happy workplace for a
society where we live together

We sculpt the Earth,
We build the future of Korea

Future, Dream,
Imagination Come Ture

Our Business


Civil Engineering

More than 40 years of specialized technology,
unparalleled construction capabilities,
impeccable quality and safe construction
as our first priority, and cutting-edge technology
that sets us apart from the rest; we are determined
to be the best in the civil engineering industry.

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Samho Development excels at architectural design for
public infrastructure: housing, medical facilities and
sports centres, to name but a few. We continuously
improve our architectural capabilities and always do
our utmost to ensure the highest quality and safest
construction, in accordance with the most up-to-date
architectural methods and systems.

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Industrial Equipment

As a green business, we pride ourselves on our water
treatment, resource recovery and environmental facilities.
We have done everything in our power to create
automated state-of-the-art facilities and thorough
product management systems for our customers and
maintain the highest possible quality, whilst making
sure that nothing we construct harms the environment.

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Samho Development obtained its landscaping
construction business license in 2014 and participates
in a wide range of government construction and
landscaping projects. We strive to create luxuriant
green landscapes that enhance people’s lives
and furnish them with a beautiful environment
to live in and enjoy.

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Construction Machinery

Thanks to our expansive fleet of owner-operated
oversize equipment that includes cutting-edge
computerized jumbo drills, we guarantee precision
in all of our construction projects.
We undertake to deliver the best products and
services for our customers, while always improving
our construction equipment business.

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Our customers’ confidence in us is our top priority
so we produce and deliver only the highest quality
aggregate. Our location in the west of
Chungcheongnam-do, means we can promise speedy
delivery. Here at Samho Development, we also do
everything within our power to protect and develop
the environment safely.

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Our commitment to responsible and safe construction
and the supply of only the best quality products ensures that
our customers are always extremely satisfied.

A business that does not fear change + A business that strives to enrich people’s lives + A business that makes imagination and dreams for the future into reality

Established, 1976

years of industry experience

Completed projects

about 500

Total sales figures

million KRW


about 100

About Samho

Samho Development

Samho Development gives
its heart and soul to satisfy
its valued clients by providing
them with only the best quality
products, while guaranteeing safe
and responsible construction,


Civil Engineering Business, Architecture Business, Industrial Environment Equipment Business, Landscaping Business, Construction Machinery Business, Aggregate Business


We transform your dreams for the future and everything that you have ever imagined into reality.